Friday, July 13, 2018

bunyaviridae -

Bunyaviridae is a family of viruses that attack mammals and birds, as well as arthropods. Bunyaviridae has a spherical-shaped virion feature of 90-100nm in diameter, and forms a thickened lipid sheath of glycoproteins. The virus has three helical-shaped nucleocapsid nodes. The genome is composed of a single thread RNA that has three large, medium, and small segments.

Based on the characteristics of the genome, nucleocapsid antigen, and the mode of transmission, Bunyaviridae is divided into several genera, namely Bunyavirus which infects many mosquitoes, Phlebovirus that attacks mites, Hantavirus (Hanta Virus) attacking arthopods and rodents, and Nairovirus causing hemorrhagic disease.