Friday, July 13, 2018

adenoviridae -

Adenoviridae is a family of viruses that have vertebrate hosts. This form of the virus is icosahedral with 70-100 nm virion diameter and 36-38kb genome. Adenoviridae has two genera namely Mastadenovirus and Aviadenovirus.

This type of virus was first discovered by Rowe in 1953. Adenoviridae infects many humans and becomes latent in lymphoid tissue, but also has the ability of oncogenesis in animals try rodensia.

Adenoviridae mostly attacks children and military people by infecting the respiratory tract, eye infections, inflammation of the bladder that causes haematuria, and encephalitis.

Treatment is usually rarely done to the public, oral vaccine attenuation is only given to the military. Antiviral commonly given to treat is ribavirin cidofovir, but the results are not too promising. Provision of live vaccines can lead to the spread of infection.