Saturday, June 16, 2018

yakgwa -

Yakgwa (약과) is a traditional Korean cake type (hangwa) made from wheat flour, honey and sesame oil. This cake is usually served at the celebration of important events in Korean society. Historically, this cake has been made since the days of the Goryeo Dynasty (935-1397) and is written in ancient documents.

This cake is considered special and is used by the king in the offering ceremony at the Buddhist temple. In China, yakgwa is known by the name Goryeobyeong (Goryeo cake). At that time yakgwa made in the form of birds, carp or fruit. During the Joseon Dynasty (1397-1910), this cake was made in the form of a simpler chrysanthemum for the purpose of offering ritual.

In those days, yakgwa made from ingredients such as wheat, honey and sesame oil, were considered a luxury for the common people so that at one time when the price of goods rose and caused the people to starve, this cake was prohibited to be made.