Thursday, June 28, 2018

abstinence -

Abstinence is the beginning of recovery, not the end or recovery goal. In short Abortion is a stop from an addiction that is often done or become a habit.

Therefore, in the use of drugs, the requirement that addicts stop using drugs and recover by doing abstentions but if continue to continue the fun and activities of using drugs means the user still maintains a sense of longing for drugs so that the occurrence of relapse or relapse can not be avoided.

 The recovery process begins by stopping taking drugs. If an addict is not ready to stop taking drugs, the recovery will be useless for him. The purpose of recovery is to fundamentally change addictive addict behavior.

In the case of addiction other than drugs, one can not stop sexual activity, work, eat, and other activities. In the case of family planning (KB), the first must also have abstinence or celibacy, interrupted intercourse, safe and breastfeeding period, meant here from the wife's side must be self-counting certain signs as an aid to determine ovulation, time and when conception most likely.

Abstinence means a partner does not engage in sexual activity unless or until they decide to have a baby. This abstentence that is eliminated is the addiction, that is the habit of sex, work, eating and other activities with the aim of changing the mood or escape from the problem.