Wednesday, June 27, 2018

tekik -

Filled or tekik (Albizia lebbekoides) is a kind of tree member of the tribe of Fabaceae. Pepagannya contains tannins and red dye, which in the past was used to dye cloth such as soga, and therefore known as soga tekik. This small tree spreads in Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

In English misguidedly known as Indian albizia; in other countries this tree is called by names: siris, koko (Mal.); haluganit, maganhop-sabukid (Fil.); kh'aang (Laos); kang, chamari dong (Thai); châmri: oak (Cambodia); câm trang, sòng ran (Vietnam) and others. While in Indonesia known as tarisi (Sd.), And tekik, kedinding (Jw.).

Sometimes, erroneously his scientific name is written as Albizia lebbeckioides.