Friday, June 29, 2018

History of salmiakki
salmiakki -

The word salmiak or salmiakki comes from the ancient Latin name for ammonium chloride, sal ammoniacus, which means "salt of Amun". The word "Amun" refers to the shrine of Amun in the Oasis of Shiva, where the discovery of ammonium chloride by the ancient Greeks.

The word ammonia also comes from the same source. Ammonium chloride has been used for a long time as a cough medicine, because it can accelerate phlegm. Finnish writer Jukka Annala (fi) speculates that salmiakki comes from pharmacies that mix cough medicine independently.

It is unclear where and when ammonium chloride and candy root were first mixed to make candy, but since the 1930s salmiakki has been produced in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Holland as sweets.