Thursday, June 7, 2018

torshi -

Torshi (Arabic Egyptian: ترشى torshi, Persian: ترشى torshi; Kurdish: ترشى Tirşîn, tirşî; Turkish: turşu; Greek: τουρσί toursi; Bulgarian: туршия turshiya; Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia: turšija / туршија; Albania: turshi Hebrew: חמוצים, khamusim) is an acidified vegetable of cooking in several Balkan countries and the Middle East.

 The word turşu comes from the word torshi derived from the word torsh, which means 'sour' in Persian and Kurdish. In Turkic languages ​​like Turkish and Azerbaijani, the word has the same meaning but is read by Turşu.

Torshi is a common dish in a variety of Middle Eastern cuisine such as Arabic cuisine, Turkish cuisine and Iranian cuisine. Iran has a hundred different types of torshi based on regional customs and different events. In some families, no dish is considered complete except a bowl of torshi on the table.

In Bulgarian cuisine, the most popular type is tsarska trushiya 'asaman raja' and selska trushiya 'asaman negara'. Toursi is a traditional appetizer (meze) served with arak, rakı, ouzo, tsipouro, and rakia. In some areas, torshi sauce (turşu suyu) is also drunk and very popular in Turkey.

Making torshi at home is still a tradition that is spreading in autumn months, especially in big cities. Torshi is often served in restaurants or can be in the ready-to-eat form of supermarkets.