Saturday, June 23, 2018

stress -

Stress is a mental disorder that a person faces due to pressure. This pressure arises from the failure of the individual to meet his needs or desires. This pressure can come from within, or from outside.

Stress is not always bad, although usually discussed in a negative context, because stress has a positive value when it becomes an opportunity when offering potential results. For example, many professionals view pressures as heavy workloads and tight deadlines as a positive challenge that raises the quality of their work and the satisfaction they get from their jobs.

Stress can be positive and can be negative. The researchers argue that stress challenges, or the stress that accompanies the challenges in the work environment, operate very differently from stress barriers, or stress that hinders in achieving goals. Although research on stress challenges and stress of new barriers to the early stages, preliminary evidence suggests that stress challenges have many less negative implications than stress barriers.