Saturday, June 23, 2018

panic -

Panic is a very severe anxiety condition accompanied by a drive to run or hide when faced with a condition that is perceived as dangerous or threatening.

This sudden fear can diminish the ability to think and influence groups or individuals of humans or animals that initially tend to cause silence to do nothing.

Panic generally arises in conditions of disaster, or violence such as robbery and looting that can endanger health or life. This word is derived from the name of the Greek god of mythology Pan who has the ability to generate fear for himself or being in open areas.

Panic is actually a natural condition for everyone. A mild panic that comes only occasionally is common. But, if anxiety or panic comes repeated in high levels, so your work activities are disrupted, you should be vigilant. Because, there is a possibility, your panic has become a clinical disorder.

Three out of four people with panic disorder are women. Women careers often experience panic. Severe panic disorder can lead to agoraphobia (phobias are in the middle of many people). Patients with agoraphobia are often afraid for no apparent reason, if they are in the open or have to get out of the house.