Sunday, June 3, 2018

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strawberries -

Strawberries or precisely the garden strawberries (also known as the strawberries, from the Dutch aardbei) are the most widely known strawberry varieties in the world. Like other species in the genus Fragaria (strawberry), this fruit is in the Rosaceae family.
strawberries -

In general, this fruit is not a fruit, but a fake fruit, meaning that the flesh does not come from the plant ovary (achenium) but from the bottom of the bowl-shaped hypanthium where the ovary of the plant is located.
strawberries -

Strawberries are whitish green as they grow, and in most species turn red when ripe. Its name comes from the ancient English streawberige which is a combination of streaw or "straw" and berige or "berry". The reason for naming is still unclear. Some species of Lepidoptera take their food sources from strawberry plants, making this species the main pest of strawberry plants.

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