Sunday, June 3, 2018

ficus -

Ficus (/ fɪkʊs /) is a genus of plants naturally grown in the tropics with a number of species living in the arid zone. Consisting of about 850 species, these Ficus species can be wood, bush, creeper and epiphytic and hemi-epiphytic species within the Moraceae family.

Generally the species are known as figs, figs or figs (Mink, aro wood, Sd ki ara, English: fig trees or figs). The tin tree (Common Figus carica) is a species commonly found in Southwest Asia, the Middle East and around the Mediterranean Sea (from Afghanistan to Portugal), and is cultivated since ancient times because of its fruit.

The fruits produced by most species can be eaten, although they only have local economic value. However, these fruits are generally an important food source for many wild animals. The fig trees also play an important role in culture both because of their religious values, such as the banyan tree (F. benjamina) and the bodhi tree (F. religiosa), as well as the many practical uses it produces