Sunday, June 3, 2018

grape -

Grape is a fruit plant of vines that belong to the family Vitaceae. The fruit is usually used to make grape juice, jelly, wine, grape seed oil and raisins, or eaten directly. This fruit is also known for containing many polyphenolic and resveratol compounds that play an active role in various metabolism of the body, and able to prevent the formation of cancer cells and various other diseases.

 This activity is also associated with the presence of secondary metabolite compounds in grapes that act as antioxidant compounds that can counteract free radicals.

This plant has been cultivated since 4000 BC in the Middle East. However, the process of processing grapes into a new wine was discovered in 2500 BC by the Egyptians.
grape -

Only a few moments ago, this process of processing is immediately widespread to various parts of the world, ranging from areas in the Black Sea, Spain, Germany, France, and Austria. The spread of this fruit grows rapidly with the travel of Colombus who brought this fruit around the world