Friday, June 15, 2018

Spotted dick

spotted dick -

Spotted dick is a pudding from the United Kingdom with basic ingredients of fat and dried fruits (generally raisins) and served with custard.

This dish is made from a fatty pastry sprinkled with dried fruits, then rolled into a round pudding.

The name of this dish is often the source of jokes because it has a double meaning (a dick that in English can refer to the male genitalia). Although the word "spotted" refers to the appearance of a bottle-filled pudding due to the dried fruit contained, the word "dick" has an unclear origin.

The word is used to refer to puddings since the 19th century; for example, in the 19th century in Huddersfield, a glossary for local words describes it as "Dick, plain pudding" When using thick syrup, treacle dick The word "dick" may also come from the word pudding, which turns into puddink, then puddick , and finally dick.Another possibility is that the word is derived from the word "dough.