Friday, June 15, 2018

tart -

Tarts are a baked, pastry-based pastry stuff filled with something sweet or savory, but the top of this food is not covered or overlaid with pastry. The contents of modern tarts are usually fruit-based, sometimes with custard. While the tartlet is a small tart, for example tart egg (egg tart).

The French term tarte can be translated into tart or pie, since both are essentially the same as the exceptions that the pie content is usually completely covered with pastry, while the tart is left open. Italian crostata, originated from at least the mid-1400s, has been described as "a rural free version of an open fruit tart". Tarts from the early Middle Ages were generally filled with meat, but they often used fruit and custard.

The tasty tart includes also the quiche, which is still a family with the savory version tart with most of its contents custard; German 'tart onions' Zwiebelkuchen and Swiss cheese tarts are made from Gruyère cheese.