Friday, June 1, 2018

shitake -

Shiitake ( ?) (Lentinula edodes) or hioko mushrooms and often written as shitake mushroom is a famous East Asian food fungus worldwide with its original name in Japanese. Shiitake literally means mushroom from shii tree (Castanopsis cuspidata) because the rotted tree trunk is a place to grow shiitake mushroom.

This species was once known as Lentinus edodes. British botanist Miles Joseph Berkeley named this species Agaricus edodes in 1878.

Shiitake is widely cultivated in China, Korea and Japan and can be found in the wild in mountainous areas of Southeast Asia.

Shiitake in Chinese is called xiānggū (Hanzi: 香菇, "fragrant mushroom"), while the high-quality with thicker umbrella is called dōnggū (Hanzi: 冬菇, "winter mushroom") or huāgū (花菇, "flower mushroom") because on the top surface of the umbrella there is a cracked motif such as bloom.

In Indonesia, sometimes called jengkol mushroom, because the shape and aroma like jengkol although for some people this mushroom taste like petai flavour.