Friday, June 1, 2018

matsutake -

Matsutake (Tricholoma matsutake (S.Ito et Imai) Sing.) Or pine mushroom is the common name for rare mycorrhizal fungi of the genus Tricholoma familia Tricholomataceae. This mushroom can not be cultivated, and grow wild in China, Japan, Korea, Finland, and other places in the world.

In autumn, matsutake grows on the surface of pine forest covered with red pine japan, Tsuga diversifolia, Tsuga conifers, and Pine pumila. Sometimes this fungus can also be found in jungle overgrown Japanese black pine. 

In some places, matsutake also grew during the East Asian rainy season. Mycelium growth is known to be very slow. Temperature for growth of mycelium about 5-30 , ideal temperature about 22-25 , ideal soil pH 4.5-5,5.

In Japan, matsutake is a very expensive luxury food. This mushroom has a strong fragrant scent, and is eaten after being roasted slightly over the flame, dipanak along with rice into matsutake rice (matsutake Gohan), and as a mixture of dobinmushi (soup in a carafe).