Monday, June 11, 2018

schokokuss -

Schokokuss or Schaumkuss ("brown kiss" or "foam kiss") is a kind of German sweet snack made of waffles with egg white foam and brown layers. There are many variations of Schokokuss, some with white chocolate and some with coconut and sugar.

Schaumkuss is also called Schokoladenkuss, Schaumzapfen, Süßpropfen or Naschkuss. The Germans are fond of this snack and eat as much as 1 billion Schaumküsse pieces each year and the average child eats as many as 100 pieces. The German boy likes to eat Schaumkuss by using 2 layers of Brötchen (bread rolls) called Matschbrötchen, Klatschbrötchen, Datsch or Schokokussbrötchen.