Monday, June 18, 2018

samgyetang -

Samgyetang (pronounced [samgjetʰaŋ]) is Korean ginseng chicken soup. This soup contains young chickens in a state that is boiled with a small fire for 2-3 hours until tender. A serving of soup in a small pan is usually eaten by one person.

Samgyetang is eaten with extra pepper, salt, and kimchi provided on the table. Chicken has been boiled until tender until the meat easily separated from the bone. Soup is not usually all drunk. After chicken meat runs out, rice is put in soup.

After the contents of the chicken stomach is removed, into the stomach of the chicken put the sticky rice that has been soaked beforehand and herbs are believed to be beneficial to health benefits.

In addition to ginseng, Among the ingredients are often mixed chestnut, pine nuts, dried jujuba fruit, garlic, green onion, and ginger. Depending on the prescription, medicinal plants such as clusters (goji), dangsam (Codonopsis pilosula root), or danggwi (tang kuei or Angelica sinensis). Medicinal plants are mixed in a state intact (not cut into pieces) for maximum usefulness.

Samgyetang is a nutritious traditional food in the summer so the body that always sweats does not become weak. Koreans usually eat samgyetang on three special days in summer: chobok, jungbok, and malbok which is the hottest three days of the year.

Just like chicken soup is believed to cure various diseases in Western culture, samgyetang is not only eaten in Korea to treat the disease. Protein and minerals from a whole chicken boiled with medicinal plants are believed to prevent disease.

In Korea there is a restaurant that only provides samgyetang menu. However, such samgyetang specialty restaurants continue to be crowded by buyers because samgyetang recipes and herbs are guarded as company secrets. Drinks while eating samgyetang are usually ginseng wines.