Monday, June 18, 2018

Yeongyang dolsotbap

yeongyang dolsotbap -

Yeongyang dolsotbap (영양 돌솥밥) is a Korean dish of cooked rice with various herbs and beans in a stone pot (dolsot). Yeongyang dolsotbap means "nutritious stone pot of rice".

Rice that is enjoyed by the heat forms a crust at the bottom of the pot. The crust is enjoyed at the last moment by soaking the water. Rice stone is traditionally cooked on a fireplace that is fueled by twigs of pine.

Yeongyang dolsotbap consists of rice, ginseng, caster, jujube, pine nuts, soybeans, shiitake mushrooms, ginkgo beans, sunflower seeds cooked with meat broth or soybeans. In addition to rice, staple goods can also be replaced with sticky rice or black sticky rice. Supplementary materials enhance the taste and aroma of rice.

Yeongyang dolsotbap is a nutritious food, consisting of carbohydrates and vegetable proteins and ginseng, so it is also considered a drug.


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