Sunday, June 24, 2018

perfectionism -

Perfectionism is the belief that one must be perfect to achieve the best conditions on the physical or non-material aspects. Perfectionists are people who have a perfectionist view.

In its form as a disease, perfectionism can cause a person to have an excessive attention to the details of a thing and is obsessive-compulsive, sensitive to criticism, anxious prolonged, stubborn, narrow-minded, and procrastinating. Things that can hinder success in any case.

Potential people, but perfectionists will be hampered ability. The desire to create the best product or something is necessary, but a perfectionist will find many obstacles that are completely unnecessary.

The problem of perfectionism is its tendency to procrastinate and end up tired by itself. His obsession with perfection is a burden of his mind and tantalizing his feelings. Perfectionists will quickly run out of energy as they continue to worry about how to perfect something they will do or think if I were like this or that.