Wednesday, June 13, 2018

okonomiyaki -

Okonomiyaki ( ?) Is Japanese food with wheat flour diluted with water or dashi, plus cabbage, chicken eggs, seafood or pork and fried on a flat pan called teppan.

Okonomiyaki is one type of teppanyaki cuisine that can be eaten just like that or as a side dish of white rice. Okonomiyaki is often eaten with a flat spoon called kote (hera) which also functions as a sodet when turning okonomiyaki.

In Japanese, okonomi means "likes" (preferred, desired) and yaki means "roast" (the term "frying" is only used in Japan when food is fried with a lot of oil). As the name implies, the toppings (toppings) okonomiyaki can be tailored to the tastes of people who want to eat.