Wednesday, June 13, 2018

omurice -

Omurice ( omurais?) Is Japanese food and Korean food in the form of white rice fried together with tomato sauce and wrapped by fried omelet eggs. Its name comes from the word omelet and rice, an example of wasei-eigo. Above omurice is usually watered a little tomato sauce.

Omurice is commonly cooked at home or sold in western-style restaurants or izakaya in Japan. This food also remained popular in South Korea after the end of the Japanese occupation.

Rice for omurice is usually given chicken, shrimp, squid, mushrooms, and onions. Chicken rice is another name for rice for omurice with chicken meat and tomato sauce.

Rice for omurice is placed on a half-baked omelet made on top of a frying pan, then with hand movements such as flipping the frying pan, the rice becomes wrapped in an omelet. Home made omurice usually uses a technique of wrapping rice with an easier egg. The omelet is placed on the rice, then the contents of the pan are spilled on the plate.

Omurice was first created for restaurant diners who were sick of indigestion by a restaurant called Hokkyokusei located in Namba, Osaka. Another version of the story says omurice was first created by a restaurant called Renga-tei in Ginza, Tokyo at the turn of the 20th century. His cook got inspired to wrap rice with eggs as well as chakin-zushi.

Omukare is a variation of omurice with curry sauce, while omuhayashi is a variation of omurice with Hayashi rice sauce. Omusoba is a Yakisoba wrapped by omelets.