Wednesday, June 13, 2018

oden -

Oden ( or ?) Is Japanese cuisine in which there are various ingredients boiled in gravy (dashi), among others made from katsuobushi, kombu, and soy sauce. The ingredients included can be varied, and not limited to radishes, konnyaku, boiled eggs, chikuwa, and chikuwabu.

Oden is more of a food eaten in the winter, eaten away while still hot. This food is more a snack or as a friend to drink sake. Several pieces of oden contents stabbed with a puncture of bamboo for easy edible. Oden is usually eaten with mustard, with the exception of some areas in Japan that eat it with a sweet sauce from miso.

The ingredients for sauce (dashi) and oden contents may vary, depending on the area and tastes of the person making. Oden contents are usually mature finished food products and are available in stores.

 Oden in the Kansai region is boiled with a sauce that is generally more dense and saltier than oden in the less salty Kanto area. In the Kansai region, oden of thick sauce is called Kanto-ni (Kanto-style stew). In Taiwan, this food is called Oren ( ), while in Shanghai is referred to as Aódiǎn ( ).