Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Miso soup

miso soup -

Miso soup (味噌 miso shiru?) Is Japanese cuisine in the form of soup with basic ingredients dashi plus the contents of the soup in the form of little seafood or vegetables, and given a miso as a flavor. Miso soup is enjoyed by raising the soup bowl and drinking the soup, while the soup is eaten using chopsticks.

In general miso soup is served with white rice as a breakfast menu in many homes in Japan. Miso soup is usually eaten at home, although there is also miso soup served in traditional Japanese restaurant or stall (ryotei). Instant miso soup is miso soup in a package that is simply brewed with hot water.

Miso soup is a very simple dish that is very easy to prepare in a short time, the ingredients are just a broth of katsuobushi, a little soup, and miso. Although miso soup is the simplest cooking, the resulting flavor may vary depending on the type of miso used for the soup, how to extract the broth from katsuobushi and the skill of the person making it.

In Japanese culture that makes rice or rice of various types of grains the main food, miso soup has an important role as the most important companion food. In general, the main Japanese daily food from ancient times was called (ichijū issai?) Ie a set of rice with soups such as miso soup and one type of side dish.