Wednesday, June 13, 2018


sōmen -

Sōmen ( or ?) Are smooth and thin Japanese noodles, and are always sold in dry form. Sōmen made from wheat flour mixed with water, salt, and cooking oil. Sōmen are usually served as a cooling meal in summer.

Sōmen consists of two types based on the way they are made, handmade somen and machine-made somen. The dough is stretched out by hand by strands to produce a handmade smenmen. 

Meanwhile, the cutting machine is used to cut the noodle dough into a machine-made smenmen. Sakurai City in Nara Prefecture was mentioned as the place of origin of sōmen.

According to the Standard of Quality Labeling and Type of Dry Mi issued by Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS), handmade or machine-made smenmen must be below 1.3 mm in diameter. Mi diameter above 1.7 mm is called udon, while noodles measuring 1.3 mm upwards below 1.7 mm are called hiyamugi.