Friday, June 8, 2018

Milk tea

milk tea -

Milk  tea is a beverage that is a mixture of tea and milk in a certain composition. Milk tea is a beverage that is prevalent in many cultures, especially in Asia. But because of the different cultures had also caused a way of making that is not the same in between.

In Mongolia, milk tea is usually made from tea and horse or goat's milk. Mongolians also use salt as a flavour, causing milk tea in Mongolia to taste salty.

In southern China, milk tea is represented by Hong Kong milk tea. The culture of drinking milk tea in Hong Kong originated from British colonial influence. 

The tea used is usually black tea, which is then mixed with fresh milk and sugar as a sweetener. Because of the colour is more or less similar to the colour of women's tight socks, Hong Kong milk tea is often also referred to as milk tea strict socks (絲襪 奶茶).