Friday, June 8, 2018

Tea poci

tea poci -

Tea poci is a brewed tea typically in a pot and a cup of clay. This drink is added with rock sugar and drink hot. Drinks are highly favored by the people of Tegal, Slawi, Pemalang, Brebes, and surrounding areas.

There is the term WASGITEL for tea poci which is an abbreviation of fragrant, hot, sepet, legi, lan (and) kentel (thick), which means hot tea, sweet, scented jasmine flowers and thick black / thick.

Tea pot usually use green tea or jasmine tea that issued a distinctive aroma, and usually served in the morning, afternoon, or evening accompanied by a snack. The teapot used to make the teapot tea is usually the inside of the pociece never washed but enough to be thrown away the rest of the tea. It is believed the community of Tegal crust the remaining tea will add flavor and aroma tea pot becomes more delicious.