Sunday, June 3, 2018

mango -

Mango or Diving is the name of a kind of fruit, as is the name of the tree. Mango belongs to the Mangifera clan, which consists of 35-40 members and Anacardiaceae tribe. Its scientific name is Mangifera indica. This name roughly means: "(the tree) that bear fruit of mango, originating from India".

Mango trees include high-level plants whose stem structure (habitus) belongs to the arboreus group, ie woody plants having a stem height greater than 5 m. Mango can reach a height between 10 to 40 m.
mango -

The name "mango" comes from Malayalam maanga. This word was brought to Europe by the Portuguese and absorbed into manga (Portuguese), mango (English) and others.

Originating from the area around the Indian border with Burma, mangoes have spread to Southeast Asia at least since 1500 years ago. The fruit is also known in various regional languages, such as pelem or poh (Jw.).