Sunday, June 17, 2018

jjigae -

Jjigae is the name for a variety of Korean dishes of cooked soup and served in a small saucepan for one person portion. The contents could be seafood, vegetables, meat, or tofu. Compared to soup in Western culture, jjigae has less sauce.

This food tastes spicy because it is given chili spice. Jjigae is usually served hot as a dish in winter. The jjigae is different from the jeongol in the size of the pan used. Jeongol is served in a large pot, and placed in the middle of the table to be eaten together by several people.

The main ingredients or spices made by the soup determine the names of dishes, such as saengseon jjiage (생선 찌개, fish soup), dubu jjigae (tofu soup), and gochujang jjigae (spicy gochujang soup).