Sunday, June 17, 2018

dongchimi -

Dongchimi is a kimchi made from daikon, mustard, spring onion, green chili, ginger, bae, and salt water. This type of kimchi is watery because it is soaked in saltwater. As the name implies, dong means winter, and chimi (hangul: 치미, the ancient term for kimchi), dongchimi generally eaten during winter.

This kimchi type is the original kimchi and the way it has been practiced in Korea. In contrast to kimchi given gochujang spicy sauce, dongchimi suitable served for parents or patients because it is nutritious and easily digested. The characteristic of the taste is fresh and the aroma is unique and commonly consumed with a bowl of rice.

As with other types of kimchi, dongchimi is also a fermentation, but the fermentation is only 2-3 days. Koreans often make dongchimi before the arrival of gimjangcheol (hangul: 김장철, season makes kimchi, usually at the end of autumn).

Dongchimi clear gravy is used as a base of soup sauce while making dongchimi guksu (동치미 국수 Korean cold noodle soup made from dongchimi) and naengmyeon. Dongchimi is also served when people eat tteok or steamed yams.