Sunday, June 17, 2018

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hoedeopbap -

Hoedeopbap is a Korean dish consisting of rice mixed with sliced or shaped dice from saengseon hoe (raw fish), various vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber and sesame leaf, sesame oil, and chogochujang (vinegar, gochujang and sugar sauce) . Fish used to make hoedeopbap generally consists of halibut, sea bass, rockfish, tuna, salmon, or whitefish.
hoedeopbap -

How to eat hoedeopbap is almost the same as that used to eat bibimbap: using a spoon, all the ingredients are mixed at the time will be eaten on the table before eating.
hoedeopbap -

There are different varieties according to the ingredients, such as gul hoedeopbap ( 회덮밥) made from raw oysters and gajami hoedeopbap (가자미 회덮밥) made from sole, special dishes from Gangneung and surrounding area.

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