Sunday, June 17, 2018

mandu -

Mandu (만두) is a dumpling type made with flour dough and contains seasoned meat. Mandu is a type of cuisine that originated in China and entered Korea since the days of the Goryeo Dynasty (935-1397). At this time the mandu is eaten in every winter and the celebration of the new year of Seollal or Lunar New Year.

Mandu dough is made by folded to make skin filled with various materials, such as meat, vegetables, mushrooms, tofu and so on. Methods of making a variety of guides, among others, are boiled in a hot (steamed) broth soup, steamed, fried or enjoyed in a cold broth. There are various forms of mandu, among others round, half round, square, oval and each region has a way of cooking and more variety. If eaten with soup broth then called mandutguk (mandu soup).