Thursday, June 7, 2018

Goat curry

goat  curry -

Curried goat is a kind of curry cuisine that uses raw goat meat. This food comes from South Asia. Goat curry has been popular in Southeast Asian and Indo-Caribbean cuisines.  In southeast Asia, this cuisine spreads throughout the Caribbean Sea, including Caribbean diaspora in North America and the United Kingdom. 

Kare or curry is commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. In Indonesia, this dish is usually served with bread rolls or warm rice.

Goat curry is popular among Muslims. [Needs a reference] This dish became popular during Iduladha's big day, in which goats became one of the most commonly sacrificed animals.

Like most curry dishes, this goat curry has a thick sauce and coconut milk with a mixture of various spices also, produce a rich and powerful flavour in this dish. There are various variations, one of which is the use of lamb to replace goat meat, or add potatoes to as a compliment, even there is also a variation of goat curry without using coconut milk.