Sunday, June 17, 2018

ggakdugi -

Ggakdugi is the kimchi of radish (daikon) (hangul: , mu) that is cut in cubes. As with white mustard kimchi, ggakdugi is one of the most popular banchan types.

Radishes are seasoned which include a mixture of kitchen salt, chili powder, spring onion, and ginger. After that, radishes are stored in large jars (called jangdok or onggi). Length of fermentation about two weeks when stored in a cool and dry place. Ggakdugi is served when the radish is still crisp. If stored too long, turnips will become too soft.

One variation of ggakdugi is made with the addition of saewoo jeot and oysters. Created around Seollal (Korean New Year), this type of kimchi is a typical food of Jeju residents and the city of Seoul.