Sunday, June 17, 2018

jeongol -

Jeongol is Korean food in the form of soups boiled in a large pan, and served in the middle of the table to eat together. Compared to jjigae containing only one main ingredient, the material for the content of jeongol is usually much more diverse.  In contrast to the jjigae that originated from the folk food, jeongol as well as gujeolpan stems from food for the nobility or members of the royal family.

These foods usually contain sliced beef, offal, various types of seafood, and added various types of vegetables, mushrooms, and other spices. All ingredients are boiled together in a shallow pan to cook a jeongol called jeongolteul (전골틀). 

This food is generally made spicy because it is given spice gochujang and chili powder. In addition, the type of broth used to boil depends on the main ingredients of the soup.