Monday, June 11, 2018

eisbein -

Eisbein is a dish that comes from Germany with the main ingredient is pork. The portion of pork used or served for typical German food is the bottom / pork legs, commonly known as hocks hams.

Typical German country cuisine is usually served with additional mashed potatoes, mash potatoes, or pickled vegetables such as sauerkraut. Hocks should be cooked slowly boiled in water, which adds a variety of vegetables and spices to enhance the flavor.

It aims to soften the hocks hams and introduce the taste of being more delicious even though the layers of skin and fat hocks should normally be left behind. Eisbein is not too difficult for the time. Although it takes a long time to cook it, but it does not require much attention.

This German food is very similar to a typical Polish food called golanka, eisbein begins with a piece of meat from which he takes his name hocks ham which means "ice feet" in German.

Eisbein refers to the leg bone hocks hams used in preparing this dish. Hocks, also known as Hachse, Hechse, Haxe, Hämsche or Stelze, is a piece of pork that comes from under the pig and on the feet, similar to ankle or wrist, so it is sometimes called a 'book' of pork. This piece of meat is quite flavorful, because the texture of fat and marbled meat, but also quite difficult and requires a long and slow cuisine for proper preparation.