Monday, June 11, 2018

currywurst -

Currywurst (which in German means curry sausage) is German cuisine with a thinly sliced ​​(German: wurst) sausage, curry spice (sometimes mixed with tomato sauce or tomato paste mixed with curry) and curry powder to taste. Currywurst is sold as a messenger / messenger food, schnellimbisse (snacks), as children's meals in restaurants, or street food.

Currywurst is usually served with fries or bread rolls. Currywurst is well known in the metropolitan areas of the city of Ruhr, Berlin, and Hamburg. The sauces and sausages served also vary by region. In Germany, currywurst is sold at a food kiosk with a machine that will cut and season a sausage. Currywurst is also available in supermarkets as an instant meal.

Within a few decades, currywurst became the most famous fast food in Germany, especially among the middle-class workers. But in recent years the popularity of currywurst has declined due to the growing popularity of pizza and döner kebabs, but these foods are available in many places and continue to be cultural icons.