Saturday, June 16, 2018

bossam -

Bossam is one type of ssam in Korean cuisine of boiled pork which is eaten after on it is given kimchi and wrapped in lettuce. This dish is also served with flavorings of sauce (yangnyeom), ssamjang, raw garlic, onion slices, or fresh oysters. Bossam is also often eaten with saeujeot.

Pork for bossam is the meat of the stomach is boiled with ginger and garlic. The smell of rancid meat is removed by boiling it together with salt, pepper, cheongju, doenjang, spring onion, turnips, and onions.

The kimchi eaten with the bossam is a special kimchi called bossam kimchi. Made with the addition of high quality ingredients such as octopus, shrimp, and oysters, the kimchi bossam that is made traditionally is considered a sumptuous meal.

 Bossam kimchi can not be stored for long. Some restaurants serve freshly made kimchi a few days earlier, and there are restaurants that serve kimchi fermented for about two weeks. Short-fermented kimchi has not had a sharp taste, so it can be eaten in more quantities than fermented kimchi for months.

Since long time, pork meat is affordable until it can be consumed in large quantities. Therefore, bossam has always been a food of Korean people. Bossam served as one of the entrees or as anju when Korean people drink soju.