Tuesday, June 12, 2018


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Akashiyaki (明石 ?) Is the name of snacks from Akashi city in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan from egg dough, wheat flour, dashi and contains pieces of octopus dipped into dashi sauce before being eaten.

Akashiyaki at first glance looks like takoyaki, in the form of soft spheres with a diameter of about 3-5 cm which is often not really round because the bottom is pushed inward due to the weight it has. In the town of Akashi, locals who have known this snack since the Edo period called it Tamagoyaki and it is said to be the forerunner of takoyaki.

Akashiyaki is considered a unique snack typical of the city of Akashi. Eating akashiyaki (sold under the name tamagoyaki) is one of the main destinations of tourists who come to visit the city of Akashi.