Wednesday, June 13, 2018

yakitori -

Yakitori (Japanese: ) is a typical sate from Japan that generally uses chicken meat. Pieces of meat, skin, liver, heart, and hempela are cut into small size once bite, stabbed with bamboo pricks, then burned with charcoal or gas fire.

One Yakitori sticks generally contain only one chicken part, for example a Yakitori stitch consisting of 3 to 5 pieces of chicken meat is never mixed with a heart or heart piece. As a variation, there is also a Yakitoriya that mixes large chunks of green onion and shiitake mushrooms into Yakitori sticks. There is also a Yakitori in the form of a Church Bird (Passer montanus) or other small bird in its intact form without being cut into pieces.

The restaurant only provides Yakitori called Yakitoriya (Tukang Yakitori). Izakaya (a typical Japanese bar / restaurant) also provides many Yakitori.
yakitori -

There is an unseasoned Yakitori and no sauce but is only eaten with a sprinkling of salt, but in general burnt Yakitori dipped in a sauce (Japanese: tare) made from soy sauce, mirin, wine and sugar so that Yakitori has a sweet taste- sweet salty.