Wednesday, June 13, 2018

yakisoba -

Yakisoba ( sōsu yakisoba ?, soba fried sauce) is a Japanese fried noodle dish with ingredients of noodles, cabbage, vegetables and meat, plus the spice of the uster sauce or yakisoba sauce.

Other ingredients added to yakisoba such as onions, carrots, benishōga (pickled ginger), tenkasu, dried shrimp, katsuobushi powder, aonori (can also nori pieces) and mayonnaise as flavoring. Pepper and salt is only used to flavor meat before frying.

Although named yakisoba (fried soba), yakisoba uses noodles that have been steamed from wheat flour, and not buckwheat made like fried noodles. Yakisoba can be eaten just like that or as a side dish.