Wednesday, June 20, 2018

vaccination -

Vaccination is also called immunization is the provision of vaccines into a person's body to provide immunity against the disease. The word vaccination comes from the Latin verbs meaning cow - so termed because the first vaccine comes from a virus that infects a cow (cowpox).

In 2014, immunization programs in Indonesia cover only 86.8 percent or below the target of 90 percent. Increasingly to villages or areas outside Jakarta the coverage is reduced, for example, the vaccination of DPT in 2013 in West Sumatera province is only 60.2 percent, in Aceh 52.9 percent and in Papua 40.8 percent. 

This resulted in an outbreak in 2015 with an estimated 62 people (including 2 died) of Dipteri infection in West Sumatra and 16 people infected with Diphtheria (including 2 deaths) in Aceh.