Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tomato and egg soup

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Tomato and egg soup (simple Hanzi: 番茄 ; pinyin: Fānqié dàn tāng or simple Hanzi: 番茄 蛋花; pinyin: Fānqié dàn huā tāng) is a Chinese dish consisting of tomatoes and eggs. This dish is relatively easy to serve so it becomes one of the most popular soups in every home.

This soup also has a high nutritional value, which consists of ingredients such as lycopene from tomatoes that can reduce the likelihood of the emergence of cancer.

Generally, this soup is made from roughly chopped tomatoes and green onions are chopped up about 0.5 cm. Half a liter of water is used in this soup and a little bit of cooking oil. Eggs are added at the end of the cooking process and stirred for three minutes. It is then closed for two minutes and served when the eggs have solidified.

This soup is also sometimes made with tomatoes whose skin has been removed, and sometimes cooked for a long time.