Tuesday, June 26, 2018


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Katimaha, timaha or katimahar (Kleinhovia hospita) is a kind of tree, the only species in the Kleinhovia clan, the Malvaceae tribe. This wood grows naturally in Indonesia, Malaysia and other parts of the Asian continent.

Trees with quite a number of uses are known by various regional names such as katimahar, kinar (Amb.); tangkèlè, tangkolo (Sd.); katimåhå, timåhå, katimångå, timångå, timber (Jw.); mangar (Lamp.); mangar (Md.); katémaha (Kang.); katimaha (Bl.); sometimes (Fl.); nundang (Sumba); star, star, star, bitangal, bintana, wintangar (various languages in North Sulawesi); ngĕdèdo, ngĕdèdoro, dèdoro, ngaru (various languages in Malut); wood paliasa, kauwasa (Mak.); aju pali, wèu (Bug.); and others. While in English he is called a guest tree.