Tuesday, June 12, 2018


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Tausa (traditional hanzi: 豆沙; dòu shā, or 豆沙; hěi dóu shā) or sweet pea paste is a sweet peanut pasta that tastes sweet because it is cooked with sugar. The black color of tausa is obtained from the addition of green alum. The beans used are usually green beans or azuki beans (red beans).

Tausa is used as the contents of various Chinese and Taiwanese pastries such as moon cakes, tausa dumplings (dousha bao), pia cake, tausa sandwiches, cake pillows.

Tausa raw material is a soft boiled nuts. When it's hot, peanuts are cooked before cooking with cooking oil and sugar until thickened. Comparison of dosage of sugar and cooking oil can vary, up to one to one.