Thursday, June 7, 2018

Tandoori chicken

tandoori chicken -

Tandoori Chicken is a Punjabi cuisine derived from Punjab and its existence can be traced back to the time of the Mughal Empire in South Asia. This food is still a popular food in the area and also in Central Asia.

Chicken meat for this dish is first soaked dough condensed milk dye that has been flavored with salt masala - garlic, ginger, chili and all kinds of Indian pepper depends on the recipe of the desired flavor. This dish is usually served spicy, but then made not spicy in accordance with the taste of Western countries.

Red pepper, chilli powder and other spices give a red color to chicken meat. Kunir (turmeric) gives a yellowish orange color. In line with modernization, this red and yellow color is the result of food coloring.

Tandoori Chicken is traditionally cooked in an underground oven (called tandoor in India) with high temperatures. But, once again because of the progress of the times, this dish can be prepared just by using a regular grill.