Wednesday, June 13, 2018

suimono -

Suimono ( ?) Is a clear gravy soup in Japanese cuisine. This soup is concerned with the ingredients that are in season.  Uncommon suimono flavor is often used in formal dining in Japan. Suimono is usually served in a lacquered bowl.

Broth for soup is generally taken from konbu or dashi katsuobushi which is given a little salt and soy sauce. Fill in the form of a few aromatic leaves like some mitsuba leaves, sanshō, or yuzu skin slices floating above the soup. The contents of this soup are called wandane ( ?) [2] or suikuchi ( ?).

When the suimono is made from fish or shell broth and is given only a small amount of salt, this soup is called ushiojiru ( ?). When a clear soup is made from fish or shell broth with a little salty soy sauce, the result is called sumashijiru ( ?) Or otsuyu ( ?).