Friday, June 15, 2018

Ronde ( food )
ronde -

Ronde is a traditional Chinese dish with the original name Tāngyuán (Hanzi = 湯圓; simplification = 汤圆; hanyu pinyin = tāngyuán). The name tangyuan is a metaphor of a family reunion (Hanzi = 團圓; simplification = 团圆) which is read tuányuán (resembling a tangyuan).

Round made of sticky rice flour mixed with a little water and formed into a ball, boiled, and served with sweetened sauce. The size can be small or large, given the content or not. Chinese people commonly consume tangyuan during the Yuanxiao festival or the Lantern Festival or the Dongzhi Festival (Hanzi = 冬至; simplification = 冬至; Korean = 동지; Vietnam = Đông chí; Indonesia = Wedang Ronde Day) or at any occasion a family gathering is held, for example at weddings .