Saturday, June 23, 2018

rehabilitation -

Rehabilitation is an activity or process to assist patients who have serious illnesses or disabilities that require medical treatment to achieve maximum psychological, social and physical abilities.

Another source explains that Rehabilitation is a workable program that is useful to help recover people who have chronic illnesses both physically or psychologically. Physical and psychiatric disorders require not only special medical treatment, but also require a sympathetic attitude.

Here the physician must approach that will help the patient or the patient to overcome his physical or psychiatric disorders and realize their full potential physically, psychiatrically and socially in the real world.

This type of climb is increasingly recognized and makes rehabilitation a separate specialty area in many hospitals. The time to start for rehabilitation also determines the different treatments between patients and patients, and outpatient treatment is a very useful program for patients in the early stages, especially for patients who are addicted or addiction.

Patients or patients who enter the rehabilitation center usually suffer from low self-esteem or lack of a positive outlook on life, and therefore the psychology in this therapy plays a major role in the rehabilitation program.