Saturday, June 23, 2018


Psychosomatism is a condition in which a number of psychic or psychological conflicts and anxieties are the cause of the emergence of various physical diseases or even the worsening of an existing physical disease.

There is a connection between the body and the soul. For example, the emergence of certain emotions can be caused by mental factors, but also by physical factors. Then clearly there is interdepensi or interdependence between mental processes with somatic / physical function. Persistent inner conflicts and onerous anxieties can be the cause of the onset of soma.

In this case, there are failures in the nervous system and physical system to relieve or absorb psychic anxiety and conflict earlier. Then comes psychosomatic disorder or psychosomatic disorder / disorder. In other words: the condition of the soul determines the onset of soma / body disease. For example, by a great sense of fear, the heartbeat becomes very fast and there is extreme fatigue from the asthenic reaction.

The acceleration of the heartbeat and the asthenic reaction, both physiological phenomena or physiological symptoms caused by emotional conflicts that are psychological. This somatic reaction can affect all the important functions and organic systems of the human body. For example about: stomach, digestion, circulatory system, breathing apparatus, gland system, genitals, joint system, skin, spleen, heart, kidney and others.